The Rocketeer is the fourth unit you can unlock in the Training Hall. The Rocketeer is also the first flying unit you can use. With a space of only one, you can crush people with a low leveled mini gun tower easily. The Rocketeer is extremely fast though, so beware of it getting ahead of other units. With the Rocketeer's low health, an air defense level 2 or higher can one shot any level of rocketeer. A level 1 air defense will one shot a level 3 or lower rocketeer.

DPS by level:10-15-20-25

Speed: 10

HP by level:20-24-28-32

Special: air troop

Mess Hall level:3-4-5

"The Rocketeer is a master at hovering and he owns a jetpack! He also loves to do aerial manuvers."